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About Us


1 - Is your trusted servant who provides a link between the Middle East and you.

2 - Alsouqonline provides online Syrian and Arabic products and services, with the best qualities, cheapest prices, and the fastest way of shipping, through the best technology and logistic support. Subsequently, we guarantee the top delivery of these products and services from the origin to the door of your house and wherever you are in Europe.

3 - Alsouqonline is available on the Internet, 24/7/365.

4- You can purchase any of our products or services using any computer or Mobile devise.

5- Once, you chose one any of our products or services, and pay through our secure payment gateways. These products and/or services will be shipped for free to your home      "Check our shipping and return terms Here".

6 - Our team is always available, to provide you with the highest customer services. You can reach us through Phone, WhatsApp, email, or through our Facebook page.


Our vision:

To be the number one online store which provides and deliver products and services from Syria and Arabic countries, in Europe and the United Kingdom. This will be achieved through out our professional teams and the continues development of our company and website.

Our Mission:

To feel home even if you are abroad. 


Alsouqonline in "ALSOUQONLINE.EU":

Address: Groningen Paddepoel Winkelcentrum

- Whatsapp: +31 0685020772

- Facebook Page:

- Email:

- Commercial Registration Number: KVK: 74819909 

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